Lib-Static acknowledges that infrastructure isn’t about technology, it is about people in context–> labor, learning, empowerment, and collaboration. Lib-Static seeks to build a community of practice, be they people just starting one project or whole libraries rebuilding their web properties, to improve communication and create sustainable networks of support.

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Do you want to ask questions, discuss, or chat about Lib-Static?

Contribute to Lib-Static


We welcome you to get involved! There are many ways to contribute to Lib-Static, from writing content to listing your Model to simply sharing out...

More Examples?


This list is of other examples of static web projects and tools we have seen in the wild. We might not know much about them...

Lib-Static Symposium Sprint 2021


Description of the first Lib-Static meeting bringing together six library-adjacent static web enthusiasts to conceive this project.

Original Lib-Static "Manifesto", 2018


methodology in progress! Lib-Static is a minimal computing-based approach to creating data-driven tools leveraging static-web technologies (enabled by generators such as Jekyll and a “JAMstack”...

The Literature


Curated articles highlighting Lib-Static related methods, concepts, and projects.

Social Stacks


This section shares experiences of people who have already adopted Lib-Static methods in a variety of contexts to demonstrate real pathways and social stacks that...

Waking Up to Static


I was sleeping in the basement guest room. We had a baby. He’d been sick that summer. My wife was kind to me the night...